The EVE Online BOOT.INI Problem Explained

evetrinitylogo.jpgBack on the sixth, popular space MMO EVE Online released their Trinity update, which added an all-new (and quite dazzling) graphics engine, with the unfortunate side-effect of deleting some XP users' BOOT.INI file, effectively stopping their PC from booting. While a "We're so sorry" and a fix would have sufficed, the director of the EVE Online software group Dr. Erlendur S. Thorsteinsson has posted a dev blog explaining the bug in great detail, from origin to fix to helping customers get their PCs up and running again by calling in external tech support like the Geek Squad. While the explanation basically amounts to irresponsibility on the team's part and lack of diverse hardware - which is really inexcusable - CCP showed some real class in fixing the issue, which could explain why they have a fan base so loyal they actually fly to Reykjavík, Iceland to hang out with them.

About the boot.ini issue [EVE Insider Dev Blog - Thanks Tyson]


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