The Funde Razor Edges Ever Closer

funderazor_463.jpgAs your Friday night plans are gelling, don't neglect next week's all-important Wednesday night festivities. While mine will include eating a pound of meat soaked in a to-be-determined Mexican sauce, combined with salty margaritas, those in the greater Denver and New York City areas should be adding one of the Funde Razor events to their to-do lists. The NYC gig throws down at gaming and drinking hotspot Barcade, in the heart of Brooklyn. The Denver flavored equivalent tears it up at the Walnut Room, which just oozes class. Both will be a raucously charitable time, featuring Rock Band and Guitar Hero gameplay, plus boozing, all benefiting Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

Donations are taken at the door and many coveted things will be given away to lucky raffle ticket holders. For more details on the event that puts the fun back into fund raiser, hit up the official site. Keep in mind, it's limited to those 21 and over. This may be your only chance to see Brian Crecente in a bird shirt or Joel Johnson in frilly scarf in person.

Funde Razor


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