The Future of the PC PlayStation Store

umd22.jpgThe PC-based PlayStation Store hasn't taken the world by storm yet—a PC-based system that allows users to download content to their PSP—but the possibilities seem promising, especially if it gives us a greater chance to get rid of pesky media like UMD. MTV's Stephen Totilo sat down with Eric Lempel, PlayStation director of network operations in charge of the store and asked him if we could expect more digital delivery on the platform ala iPod.

I don't think we're ready to look at that and say, "This is the way it should go right now." But we're at an interesting point in the industry where consumers know they can get things fast and they're getting used to it with other devices from other companies. So it's something we always wanted to do.

So what about the future?

...we want to start opening up some of these channels and getting consumers used to that and experimenting with it...I would say it's a glimpse towards the future. Definitely just by releasing a UMD title in the store it definitely puts ideas in people's heads, but no I wouldn't categorize this as a shift in business model at this point.

Why shift the business model? Why not just offer both options to consumer: hard media or digital download? And do it wirelessly on the PSP's Wi-Fi and make lots of money. The PSP Online Store - 'A Glimpse Towards The Future' [mtvmultiplayer]


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