The Gaming Advent Calendar

rpsadvent.jpg I love Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and I really love Advent calendars - when my aunt and uncle lived in Germany, they'd send me one every year. RPS has co-opted the (fair trade!) advent calendar idea to count down to their game of the year (to be revealed on the 25th, naturally), and left me going "Why didn't WE think of that?":

Every day until Christmas we're going to reveal our favourite twenty-four (count 'em) reasons to own an enormous PC-thinking machine. That's the only qualifier. It's our Games of the Year, and we take that literally. These are the ones which, when we look back on 2007, are going to remember most fondly. In other words, something that made us laugh ourselves sick for one night and we'll always recall will appear above the sixth-edition of a solid genre game. No, they're not really in order, except when they clearly are (which we'll leave as an intelligence test for you lot to guess wildly about). It's about love, which is a bit sappy, but it's the season for it, so let's be soft for a while, yeah?

However, yes, the game that's revealed on Christmas morn is our game of the year.

I've been keeping an eye on it every day, and you can too over at the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Advent Game-o-Calendar 2007.


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