The Great Wii Plan Progresses

To: Luke
From: Crecente
Re: Christmas Hangover

I mentioned earlier today that I had introduced my dad, a seasoned hardcore PC gamer, to the Wii by letting him play Carnival and Excite Truck with my son. Today I took the plan to the next stage, introducing him to Wii Play and Wii Sports. Next I had him play SSX on the Wii. I also "found" a "story" I wanted him to "read" from the New York Times on my "wii" and asked him to "check it out." I also managed to check the weather and headlines while he was in the room. Tonight, unbidden, he asked me a little about the console and seemed interested in the possibility of perhaps checking out more fully once he retires in a few months..... Exxxxxxxceleeeeent! Before he knows it I'll have him free-basing PSN games and huffing 360 Marketplace arcade titles. Sinister, aren't I?

What you missed:
I typed up the lyrics to our "Still Not Banned" music video and embedded links to all of the relevant back stories.
The story of one man, his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.. oh and Rock Band.. and the one man is Fahey.
Even the Sony that sells TVs hates Microsoft
I suspect stalagmites and Wii don't really mix
I need to try playing PSOne games on my iPhone
Christmases gone wrong

I'm personally never one to look a gift... anything in the mouth. But the fact is, aunts, especially the distant ones, tend to give crap presents. I managed to dodge the faux-gaming gift bullet this year, but I suspect at least one of our readers received a crap video game knock-off for Christmas. We should totally do a gallery of the cheap gaming stuff that landed under trees this year. Pictures sent to [email protected] or [email protected] would help.


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