The Ken Levine Acceptance Speech You Didn't Hear

kennlevinebio.jpg The folks at 1Up were able to pin down Ken Levine to speak with him a bit about the aftermath of BioShock, his upcoming projects and he thwarted GOTY acceptance speech at the Spike VGAs. When asked what he was gong to say on that momentous occasion, Levine had this to say:

I had a tireless, amazing team who was on a mission to make BioShock great. We didn't have 300 people or five years. We had an insane amount of passion. I'd like to thank the people who made it with me, the families that patiently waited while we did our thing, the publisher with the guts not to make us change it, and the fans who showed that gamers have a much broader range of interest and intellect than anybody in certain parts of the media or the political space is comfortable giving them credit for.

It's a relatively short article, but there is some great stuff in there regarding his thoughts on BioShock's weaknesses as well as his pick for 2007 GOTY. A nice bit of weekend reading for your early morning coffee or late night holiday booze binge.

Ken Levine Talks BioShock [1Up]


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