The Littlest Rock Band

To: Luke From: Crecente Re: +7 Christmas Shopping

I still have to buy one thing for Trish. I bought her an early Christmas present before we left for Australia, a new laptop, but I've never been happy with doing things like that. So now I'm struggling to think of something for her, something I'll probably have Tristan give to her. She's almost as hard as I am to shop for. There's just not really much she wants.

So on Sunday Tristan gathered up three of his friends and convinced me to let them play Rock Band. Tristan has become quite proficient at Bass, he can almost make it through a song on Medium now... which, sadly, is the level I play on. Anyway he and his friends decided to take on Blitzkrieg Bop for some reason. I happen to love punk music, but what an odd choice for a bunch of six to 10-year-olds. Very little will ever come close to watching Tristan bop out to that song while jamming along on a bass guitar. I know it's just a game, but it really is neat to watch kids play it. Funny story, when I was interviewing Alex Rigopulos about Rock Band for a story I was working on earlier this year I asked him when they were going to come up with a game fit for younger kids. He said he's actually got a very specific idea for kids in mind, but that he's not sure when he will be able to get to it. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'd imagine the ability to play a Naked Brothers Band song on Rock Band Junior could very well unseat Madden from its normal roost as top title.

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