The Otomedius Busty Maid Toys Won't Stop

otomedius_prizes.jpgWhen Konami of Japan announced Otomedius, we quickly realised what it was up to. Konami had little interest in trying to revitalize the shrinking arcade shmup scene or looking in a new direction for the Gradius and Parodius series. No, they wanted to bring more boobs into the Konami family and shill loads of Otomedius toys. And they're making good on it again, with new redemption prizes in the form of 14cm tall toys and, yes, smaller than life-sized inflatable versions of the busty shooter girls. You're either shaking your head, sighing with defeat or whipping our your credit card again, I'm sure—it's been a big week for plastic video game girls.

The current lot of goods also includes the "multiple movable system" action figures and a digital manga series featuring the maid-ship ladies of Otomedius. We don't expect it to stop any time soon.

Otomedius Goods [Konami]


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