The PS3 Dominates HD Usage, Gamers Love Home Theaters

ps3dispa.jpgAccording to the latest Nielson statistics, the PS3 is the king of HD. Why? Statistics show that 71% of PlayStation 3 owners hook their systems to an HDTV (also interesting, 54% of PS3 owners use surround sound). So what's this mean? Clearly all consoles other than the PS3 suck and are entirely worthless in every way.

But the Wii and Xbox 360 aren't far behind with 65% and 66% HD penetration, respectively. Component cables are the most popular option (which isn't all that surprising since the Wii doesn't offer an HDMI option and the Xbox 360 only jumped on that bandwagon late). Yeah, I'm thinking more and more that my theory that consoles sell HDTVs wasn't so crazy after all.

Gamers Ripe for High-End A/V Systems, Research Shows [via maxconsole]


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