The Punter's Guide To Wonder Boy

adventure_island_boxart.jpgTrying to wrap one's head around the various incarnations of Westone's Wonder Boy series can be a bit confusing. Okay, it's downright mind numbing. Over the course of six games released across various platforms, it has arrived in various regions under the titles Adventure Island (which then spawned its own series of games), The Dynastic Hero, Monster Lair and Dragon's Curse. Fortunately, we have Wired's Chris Kohler to break it all down for us, Virtual Console style. He does his best to clear up the Wonder Boy confusion running wild with Wii Shop Channel surfers in a post at Game|Life.

Thanks to him, I think I finally get it. Wait. Nevermind, I lost it again. Still confused.

Virtual Console's Wonder Boy Games, Explained [Game|Life]


    I posted these at Gonintendo earlier but anyway,

    My preferred versions:
    Wonder Boy - SMS
    WB in Monster Land - SMS
    WB3: Monster Lair - TG16
    WB3: Dragons Trap - SMS
    WB in Monster World - MD

    All I need is for SMS to come to the VC and I’ll be set.

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