The Travel Wii Sensor Bar


Who in their right mind would need a travel Wii sensor bar, you might be wondering. But the thing is, unlike the pricier, and heavier, PS3 and Xbox 360, the Wii isn't that big a pain in the ass to carry around with you when traveling, say for holidays. For instance, I'm bringing the Wii with the family as we drive from Colorado to Georgia. (We leave tonight.) In fact, I've managed to get the Wii to work on the mini-van's drop down television, but more on that later.

The point is that Talismoon's new travel sensor bar for the Wii isn't that bad an idea. Most of us were stupid, at least I was, and stuck our sensor bars to our televisions, making moving it a pain in the butt. And the thing is sort of unwieldy. The travel bar comes with a retractable wore and two much smaller sensors. The whole thing is smaller than a pack of cigarettes, according to the press release. Yes, they compared something for a Wii to a pack of cigarettes.

The most interesting thing is that the product claims to let you adjust how close you can be to play with the Wii, which is a huge plus for those of us hoping to play Super Mario Galaxy at 70 miles-an-hour.

Travel Sensor Bar


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