The Unofficial Crecente Fanclub Patch

4223.jpgI never thought that our own commander and chief Brian Crecente resembled Kenji Harima from the anime series School Rumble (granted, I'd never seen the show before this post), but at least one patch-maker feels differently. Because this "School Rumble Harima Patch" from Great Eastern Entertainment might as well be renamed "Offical Badge of the Crecenteteers" and come along with quarterly newsletters with updates on the big BC himself (what are his dreams, tastes in music and biggest pet peeves on a first date?)

If only the little sewn man were wearing a bird on his shirt, Crecente could have some sort of a case during litigation. As for now he'll have to settle for something like unlimited anime patches that look like him, which while not a bad prize (hell, sounds great to me), won't put little Tristen through four years at Harvard.

[gee]Thanks Mooseferatu!


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