The Xbox 360 And The Killer Sofa

killer_sofa_english.jpgI really love it when you guys do all the research for us. DC area Kotakuite Billkwando saw a version of the above advertisement on the side of a bus while making his way around town, only in Spanish with the heading, "El Sofa Asesino", which of course translates into "Awesome name for a luchador."

While I understand that The Health Care System Foundation, who created this advertisement, would have to go to the trouble of photoshopping the Xbox 360 into a more nondescript form and have the child holding a wired controller that isn't technically plugged into anything, there are a few things I don't understand. For instance, why pick such an overweight child for a model, and Killer Sofa? Come on. I mean, it certainly is a nice sofa, and it looks comfortable, but I wouldn't call it a Killer Sofa. Nice sofa maybe. Not killer.

Download The Killer Sofa In PDF Form [The HCS Foundation - Thanks Billkwando!]


    it'd be great irony if the kid got to keep the sofa and 360.

    Also the Xbox 360 is upside down showing just how lazy this kid is if I can’t even put the console the right way up OR plug the controller in. my initial suspicion is also that there may not even be a tv in front of him, ala that Married With Children Episode where the remote doesn’t work.

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