The Year's Most Commented Stories


It's been a gang-buster year here in the Kotaku Tower. Sure our traffic's grown, we've played lots of games, been to tons of fun conventions, but the thing that makes me most proud is that Kotaku has the most comments of any of the Gawker sites. That's right, we're even beating the monstrously large Gizmodo in comments. And of course that's all because of you, the reader.

Our techies just dumped a bunch of year-end data in my lap for me to pick through and included in that was a list of Kotaku's most commented on stories. I've listed the top 15 after the jump, not including the contests and Komment King posts.

The Five Most Commented Stories
Black Looks On RE 5 Racism: When Kym Platt posted about the possibility of racism in Resident Evil 5 on her blog Black Looks, it most certainly touched a nerve... actually lots of nerves. It also launched one of the most heated conversations on our site. One that hit some might heights and embarrassing lows while chugging its way to nearly 900 comments.

The E3 2007 Kotaku Fantasy Betting Pool: We don't like to follow the pack here at Kotaku, it just goes against our grain. This year we wanted to do some E3 predictions, but didn't want to be boring.. so set odds to all of our guesses and let readers bet on them. The result? More than 730 votes and lots of fun... including Phil Harrison telling me he was up for a group hug with Peter More and Reggie Fils-Aime.

Jack Sues Kotaku: What can I say, when Jack sues you it's like a badge of honor and the full complaint brought nearly 630 comments.

Sony Blackballs Kotaku (UPDATED): The now famous/infamous Sony Blackballs Kotaku story is pretty well known by now, but despite the happy ending, it was one that involved that stressed us at the most. Both Mike and I spent a very sickening, sweaty-handed afternoon dealing with the immediate repercussions. Thankfully all of the internet seemed to rise up in support, uniting blogs, magazines and even newspapers in something that quickly became about more than just Kotaku and Sony. You, the readers, were first to pat us on the back and say everything would be OK in more than 600 comments, and for that we will always be thankful.

Gamespot Editor Fired Over Kane & Lynch Review?: Really it was Penny-Arcade that broke this story.. with a comic no less. That's right they had the time to illustrate and write the story in the time it took us to write it, but we were a close second. While this final story, which rounds out our top five, turned out to be much more complicated than initial reports, the whole affair raised some important issues about journalism, reviews and video game coverage and kick-started a 550-comment thread.

The Rest
An Apology
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Breaking: There Is No Shortage Of Homophobes On Xbox Live
Peter Dille Goes Beserk, Bites Microsoft In Face
Kotaku's Game Club
Who's Going to Lose: HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or You?
2chan Explains Why Japan Hates Xbox 360
Spike TV Video Game Awards: Winners, Losers and Boozers
Sony Confirms PS3 Price-Cut, 80GB Bundle


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