Today Is Survey Day

altar.jpgAt Kotaku AU, every day is survey day! At least for now.

We’ve been pimping our first ever survey hard. So hard I’ve broken something rather important. I was going to take photos and post it for you guys to see, but somehow I don’t think you’d find a busted mouse that enthralling.

What? Were you expecting me to say something else? Minds in the gutter, the lot of you!

Not that we mind where your, uh, mind is. Gutter, the clouds, in a jar full of formaldehyde – as long as you’re capable of answering a survey, we want you. Bad.

There’s a $250 gift voucher up for grabs too. But you’ll only be in the running if you complete the survey. So appease the questionnaire gods and sacrifice your opinion on the altar of multiple choices. Or something.

Kotaku AU survey


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