Tony Albrecht Explains “Tony” Unit Maths

cell_be.jpgOver at his blog Seven Degrees of Freedom, Pandemic programmer Tony Albrecht has posted an explanation of the mathematics behind the “Tony” unit. If you missed the post from two weeks ago, Tony came up with a new unit of measurement to quantify the power of the three major consoles. It was all in good fun, mind you, so don’t take this as Tony’s official stance on how the consoles rank.

From the post:

The numbers I gave were;

“¢ X360: 6 Tony units
“¢ PS3 : 14 Tony units
“¢ Wii : 0.2 Tony units

Basically, I took my personal brain power (3.2GHz – which just happens to be the same as a single HW thread of the X360) as a base unit. So, the X360 with 3 cores, each with 2 HW threads gets 3*2 = 6 Tony units.

More specifics on the PS3 and Wii can be found at the original post.

I hope Tony doesn’t mind all the attention. This is the last of it man, I promise. Unless, of course, you make something else up that’s cool.

Tony Units [Seven Degress of Freedom]
Tony Albrecht Debuts “Tony” Units At Game Connect [Kotaku AU]


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