Top 20 Games of the Year You Should've Played, But Didn't

odinspheregirls.jpg I am perpetually lagging behind on my gaming list: too much to do, not enough time, and it's all I can do to eek out a little chunk of something like Puzzle Quest here and there. So I kinda like the 'top 20' or 'top 10' or 'top whatever' lists - at the very least, I can jot down a few more games to add to my 'to play in the next 5 years ... I hope' list. Poisonous-Pixels has a nice little list up of '07 games that you maybe should've played, but probably didn't - a few of these even made it to our 2007 Goaties. I'm even feeling inspired to actually finish Odin Sphere. The 20 Games that You Should Have Played for 2007, But Didn't[Thanks Sumantra]


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