To: Crecente
From: Luke
Re: The Great Wii Plan Progresses

Nice job with your dad! I've tried a similar process with my girlfriend, to no avail. Wii Sports, Wario Ware, Lego Star Wars, Viva Pinata...I get a flash of interest initially, but never that hook that gets her coming back. Unless it's SingStar, but that so doesn't count.

Went to visit a friend today. Said friend is my age, but has four kids. Ungh. On the bright side, they just bought those kids an enormous trampoline. Having not been on one for, oh, ten years, I completely forgot how great they are. Cue an afternoon spent bouncing, bouncing, flipping and bouncing, all the while shrieking uncontrollably. Like a little girl. Until I got dizzy, and then a little sick, and had to go have a lie down.

You missed all this while I was (unsuccessfully) attempting backflips:

Antigua is allowed to pirate games, Sid Meier's involvement unconfirmed

Street Fighter IV info, impressions, cock punching
Japan's thirst for Mario Party DS is unquenchable
Forbes' company of the year is...Nvidia?


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