Tuesday Is National Dice Day

yaydice.jpgThe nice folks at Wizards of the Coast, producers of everything Dungeons and Dragons, just dropped me a line to remind me that December 4th is National Dice Day here in the U.S., when we all should set aside some time to marvel at the wondrous simplicity of dice. While the origins of the holiday remain shrouded in mystery, WotC did offer some helpful background info on dice themselves.

Dice have been around for more than 5000 years and have been part of the popular roleplaying game, D&D since its inception more than 30 years ago (though current gamers likely use dice made from plastics rather than oxen ankle bones like early forms of dice).

Okay, so it is just a way to market D&D, but the holiday certainly predates the WotC email, according to my good pal Google. Intentions aside, many of us older gamers carried bulging dice pouches long before we toted game controllers about. I'm sure more than a few table top D&D players first got into computer gaming thanks to games like SSI's gold box series of PC titles. Besides, as any RPG fan can tell you, dice make for some pretty excellent mini-games.

*hums patriotic music* This Tuesday, remember our numbered, geometrical friends the dice. Be they 4-sided, 6-sided, 20-sided, or even the ever-rolling 100-sided, gaming wouldn't be the same without them. *stares off into the sunset as an eagle lands on his shoulder*


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