Turn Your WoW Character, Cash Into 3D Miniature

wow_figureprint.jpgIf you're in possession of a World of Warcraft character, a dash of will and a decent amount of cash, your in-game creation can become a real-world fabrication soon enough. Gaming Steve writes that the FigurePrint service will be launching next week, giving the 9 million-plus subscribers to Blizzard's MMO a chance to have a tiny, custom 3D model fashioned from their digital selves. What was pitched as a bonus feature of the WoW-branded Dell laptops yesterday is available to anyone, starting December 11th, provided they pony up the $US 99.95 (plus shipping) for a FigurePrint.

The FigurePrints stand about 4" tall and come on a variety of bases. They're hand finished, enclosed in a glass display case and will, surely, be cherished forever. Additional details are listed at the site's FAQ.

Convert Your World of Warcraft Character into a 3D Model [Gaming Steve]


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