Turok 360 Demo In Stores Now

turokpicwall.jpgIf you've by some chance already preordered Turok for the Xbox 360 or are planning to in the near future, now would be a good time to hit your local game purveyor of choice, as Touchstone has announced the Turok demo disk should now be available for preorder customers at major retail outlets including Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart.com and Game Crazy.

"The demo disc rewards video game fans by enabling them to play some major features of Turok in their living rooms long before the game is available," said Todd Steckbeck, vice president and general manager, U.S./Canada region, Touchstone. "By reserving their copy of Turok, video game players will also be able to experience an entertaining 30-minute experience throughout the holiday season and the early part of next year."

That is of course if you like your gameplay in small chunks. I'm sure this will eventually be available via Xbox Live, but this gives you a good two months to get your deposit back in case you hate it, and GameStop loves cancelling preorders!


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