Turok Devs Re-Consider Fragicide Achievement

turok.jpgYour crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth (especially the gnashing) has gotten to Turok developers Propaganda Games. Convinced now enough of you may actually play the game's multiplayer aspect for them to bother mucking about with it, they've said that their previous plans to include an achievement which rewarded team-killing may have been a bit silly. Propoganda VP Josh Holmes:

We've read some of the concerns that were described online, and maybe we underestimated the length to which so-called 'achievement whores' will go to [in order to]get their achievements.

As a result, they've got a patch ready, and should these so-called "achievement whores" start ruining everyone's fun, the patch will deployed without a moment's hesitation.

Turok dev to scrap team kill achievement [CVG]


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