Two Interesting New Findings About PS3 Wattage, Seriously

lightning1.jpgWe don't normally get obsessed over the wattage of our various consoles, OK, there was that one time, but Aeropause did some updated PS3 wattage tests and found two points worth sharing. First, the PS3's standby mode (aka when it's "off") only takes 1W of electricity. That's not much, and is considered pretty good as some electronics use near their full wattage during standby. But when put into Remote Play standby mode, the power consumption jumps to 24W. While that's still not absurd, it could make the difference of about $US 10/year on your electrical bill.

The other new finding was that while [email protected] averages about 215W, ditching the visuals for the screensaver only averages 185. In other words, by ditching Folding's visuals and turning off Remote Play, you could save some quantifiable energy. Just something to keep in mind... Profiles In Power: The PS3, 360, and Wii. [via ggmania] [image]


    You might have noticed that even at full load the PS3 only uses just over 3 times the energy his xmas tree lights do.

    The title is a complete misnomer, "Interesting". Surely not. always bashes the ps3.
    bunch of haters in hire.
    ps3 will win just wait til 2009 and 10.

    You guys are still folding proteins? Gotta love the BS3!

    bigwozza you surely clicked the article so It must be interesting, I myself have been pre-occupied worrying about how much bloody power my recently bought at $1000 ps3 uses I remember reading somewhere that the 40gb uses less than the 60 I have no clue about the 80 or whatever gb ps3's are available, make a list!~!

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