Two More Consoles For Virtual Console?

vcboxes.jpgNintendo have updated their Japanese Virtual Console page, and in doing so have left an alluring little tease. They're displaying eight console boxes when there's only six consoles on the VC, with the remaining two boxes greyed out. Did Nintendo suddenly get big on asymmetrical websites? Not likely. Expect two more consoles to be announced, and announced soon, with one (hopefully/probably) being the Master System, and the other, a complete mystery.
Virtual Console [Nintendo, via Go Nintendo]


    Could be room for WiiWare

    Please let one of them be the SEGA Master System. As for the other, I've heard the MSX was supposed to be happening.

    Although it might be wishful thinking, the Saturn would be a great addition as my loyalty to SEGA wavered around that time in my life and there are a bunch of games that I would love to play that I didn't get a chance to back then.

    Mystery? The MSX has already been announced for ages, so of course that's going to be one of them.

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