Uncharted Calls Spanish Readers "Huge Nerds"

DSCN2365.jpg Hey Spanish speaking gamers! Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has some words for you. In-game, there's this Easter Egg message: "Si usted está leyendo esta piedra sepulcral usted es un nerd enorme. Consiga por favour una vida y consiga una novia." Reader Jimfear does the translating:

If you are reading this grave, you're a huge nerd. Please get a life and a girlfriend.

That's right, because no way would native Spanish speakers play Uncharted! Only nerds who study Spanish! Riiight. Some jokes work and some don't. We'll file this away as one that doesn't. Not that offensive and a nice jab at those who wonder around games and look at stuff. Spanish stuff.


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