Update #2: A Touching Wish for a Wii in Amarillo, TX

christmas-present.gifI know a lot of you read my story last week about the Big Texan Steak Ranch waitress in Amarillo, Texas who wanted a Wii for her son so I just wanted to give you all an update on what is happening with it. A terrific guy named Scott Rays stepped forward and donated a brand new Wii and as I write this I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival so I can wrap it and send it down. After being sure I had acquired the Wii I started a round of phone calls to my contacts at the various publishers to see if I could track down some games. EA, Namco/Bandai, Capcom and a few others who have requested to remain anonymous have all donated some games so this lucky guy and his mom should have a lot to open on Christmas morning.

To everyone who wrote in with offers of systems and games, etc: I received so many responses that it would have been impossible to write everyone back personally, so I'll take this opportunity to tell everyone thank you. Due to the huge response they will be well taken care of on the games front. But if you still want to help out this holiday (or any time for that matter), please consider donating to Child's Play or another of the many well deserving charities out there.

I spoke with Rachel (the waitress) personally this morning and she wanted me to thank everyone for all their kindness and well wishes. She said she will be sending some pictures from Christmas morning that I will be sure to post as soon as I get them.

Happy Holidays, all!


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