Update On The Status Of Chun-Li's Thighs In Street Fighter IV

chun_lis_thighs.jpgYou may have your reservations about the direction of Street Fighter IV. It's the first in the non-EX line of the series to make the jump to 3D. It's set between the events of Street Fighters two and three. The released screen shots have been met with mixed reactions. But one factor we needn't fret over is the integrity of Chinese fighter Chun Li's thighs. 1UP today published an interview with Daigo Ikeno—art director and character designer for SFIV—who assured fans that he won't be mucking with what makes the character so identifiable—thighs amazingly more voluminous than those of her male counterparts.

Ikeno explains "I certainly wouldn't dream of thickening up every female thigh in the game. I mean, characters who need big thighs will be graced with big thighs." The character designer, whose credits also include Street Fighter III, Devil May Cry and Darkstalkers, says working on the highly anticipated title is a "tremendous burden of responsibility" but that he's working hard to stay true to the game's iconic characters.

Readers may not be able to glean much in the way of new details on the next Street Fighter, but the Q&A is definitely worth a read for anyone who is a fan of Ikeno's stuff.

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