US Army Establishes Gaming Brigade

armytrainer.jpgWell, it's not so much a Brigade, as it is The US Army have decided that rather than trying to modify existing commercial games like Full Spectrum Warrior (whose hidden Army mode was a complete arse-kicker) for use as training programs, they may as well try building their own. So they've established the Training and Doctrine Command Project Office for Gaming, which will be looking at the best (ie cheapest) way to turn today's soldiers into tomorrow's killing machines. They're currently working on two projects: one to sex up their simulation program's graphics, the other to set up a simulation "level editor", which would allow officers to build their own training scenarios without the need of costly, pesky civilian contractors. Both sound just wonderful, with the "level editor" expected to be ready to enter service by around, oh, 2015.

Army Sets Up New Office of Videogames [Wired][Image]


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