Use Hell, Win Hellgate

hell28.jpeg Our Show-Us-Hell-Win-Hellgate: London contest is totally heating up. Look at the fantastic entry from Kotaku Mr. Fuzzypaws. He writes:

This is a scene from the end of 28 Days Later, an excellent movie and much better than the suckfest called 28 Weeks Later. The picture even gets a little gaming flavor by having Mario with his Wiimote in it and I was playing the movie on my Playstation 3.

Brilliant! Here's the contest: Show us the word "Hell" on something — anything, but just don't write it. Take a picture of it and send it to kotakucontestATkotakuDOTcom. Remember: You're not just playing for a copy of Hellgate: London but the proverbial INTERNET FAME. Good luck! Hellgate: London [Official Site]


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