User-Drawn Characters Coming to PS3 Games?

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The Wall Street Journal has an interesting, though sort dated, article on their site today about the increasing popularity of unusual, and simplistic controller for gaming.

The short article gives a nod to the Wii, the Power Glove, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and even brain-sensing helmets, but it doesn't really get interesting until it starts talking about what Richard Marks, one of Sony's games division researchers and father of the EyeToy, is up to.

There's a lot of pie-in-the-sky talk from Marks, but the one thing he mentions that sounds both conceivable and quite fun is the idea of using a camera, likely the HD EyeToy, to let you take a picture of a drawing you made with a pen on a piece of paper, and then turning that picture into an animated character for the game you're playing.

We've already seen something like this in Drawn to Life, and while that game uses the concept to great effect, it's sort of hard for someone like me to draw a decent picture with a stylus on a touch screen.

Videogames Expand A Popular New Phase Of Full-Body Playing [WSJ]


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