Using Halo 3's Forge As A Canvas

halo_3_self_portrait.jpgAsking your girlfriend to join you in wedded bliss via the Halo 3 Forge tool is sweet and all, but it's cloyingly so to one who has zero faith in the institution of marriage. We're far more impressed by more egocentric endeavors, like spending the hours necessary to create a self-portrait in Forge, especially one that looks as challenging as the one above. The creator writes: "I was thinking that an image could be created if objects were placed in the foreground, middle ground and background and then viewed from a specific area that would converge the objects to make the image. If done correctly, the image would appear vertical and 3D as opposed to lying on the ground." Done correctly indeed!

Halo 3 Forge: Illusion Self Portrait [Flickr via Ozymandias]


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