VG Cats Still Alive

vgcatsportal.jpgVG Cats creator Scott Ramsoomair loved him some Portal. Not only did it inspire him to create a comic featuring the worst babysitting choice in the history of parental irresponsibility, but he also broke out his mad flash animation skills to create a music video for the song that I listen to over and over again on my iPod whenever the world conspires to drag me out of this chair and out into the harsh sunlight. No, not "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors. That was last winter. Of course I am talking about "Still Alive", that epic tale of cake and lies. Nice to finally put a face to the voice, even if the face is just a series of blue blocks. Hit the link to check it out. Just go ahead now!

VG Cats Still Alive [VG Cats - Thanks Alex!]


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