Viacom, Microsoft Forge Alliance To Bring "Cribs" To Xbox 360s

viacom_ms.jpgAn advertising and content sharing deal between Microsoft and Viacom, valued at some half-billion dollars, could bring even more Paramount, MTV and Comedy Central content to the Xbox Live Marketplace, including the MTV show Cribs, which could qualify as a rare win-win-win. Specifics on the "broad selection" of shows and movies that will be licensed as part of the deal weren't given but Live Marketplace already enjoys plenty of content from MTV, MTV2, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike and other Viacom brands. That content could increase to include the as-yet unavailable via Marketplace housing program Cribs. Yes, Cribs.

While major portions of the deal won't directly impact Xbox 360 owners, as if also includes shared advertising revenues and content for MSN, the prospect of increased Cribs access is too enticing to not report on. I can only hope this alliance will bring the criminally overlooked TV Funhouse to the available Comedy Central list of available programs.

Microsoft, Viacom Ink $500 Mil Ad Deal [CNN/Money]


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