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wallpaper_hellgate_london_04_1024x768.jpg Our Show-Us-Hell-Win-Hellgate: London contest has drawn to a close. Voting time! We've got TK finalists, and it's up to you, Kotakuland, to vote for the one finalist you like best. Remember, vote for ONE and only ONE. Voting ends Monday, December 10th at 11:59pm. Hit the jump for the finalists!Finalist 1 finalist1roxe.JPG Roxeraz writes:

Well, since Nintendo keeps screwing us Europeans over and over, I thought this would be fitting. After I finally got the Wii I still don't get what the big fuzz is about. It's overpriced. (Xbox Premium is cheaper in Norway) The motion controls are horrible. And it doesn't even have that many good games, in Europe at least... So here you go Nintendo.

Finalist 2 finalist2shawn.jpg Shawn writes:

So sitting at work I realised I hadn't entered the "Hellgate" contest. All I had was some staples, a laser mouse, and some paper. Here's the results...

Finalist 3 finalist3fuzzypaws.jpg Mr. Fuzzypaws writes:

This is a scene from the end of 28 Days Later, an excellent movie and much better than the suckfest called 28 Weeks Later. The picture even gets a little gaming flavor by having Mario with his Wiimote in it and I was playing the movie on my Playstation 3.

Finalist 4 BSOD%20Hell.jpg Mujiber writes:

Hi, here's my submission. It's entitled 'Life in BSoD Hell'

Finalist 5 finalist5solo.JPG Solo writes:

Solo from Montreal

Finalist 6 finalist6hell.JPG Joey writes:

[Joey wrote nothing]

Finalist 7 finalist7hell.JPG Nasser writes: Norway actually... I live in Norway too.. The first picture is in hell.. Have a nice day :)


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