Wait, It's Cold In December?

To: Crecente
From: Luke
Re: Whatever Happened To The Holiday Slowdown?

You don't say. Normally this time of year means the news winds down while the weather warms up. Instead, I've barely left my PC for two days, and a cold snap on the east coast means I've been rugged up drinking cup-a-soup. Strange Days.

I'm intrigued by this Jerry Bruckheimer thing. Really intrigued. Directors helping out on a project is nothing new, but founding a studio and getting involved in a project from the ground-up? That's new. And while the initial reaction seems negative (pessimistic, even), I'm willing to give him a chance, if only because he specialises in dumb action sequences and explosions, and they work fairly well in games. Well, that and he made Top Gun.

Here's what you missed:
Jerry Bruckheimer's doing games
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