Want A $250 Gift Voucher? Do This Survey!

survey.jpgIf you haven't taken the time yet to fill out Kotaku AU's inaugural reader survey, please, do yourself and us a favour and steal five minutes from your various other daily activities to complete it.

Not only will it provide us with a better idea of what you like reading, it'll allow us to prioritise site upgrades and seek out prizes for competitions you want to win.

Speaking of winning, the simple act of finishing the survey will put you in the running for a $250 gift voucher. Just think what a cool $250 can get you. Stuff, that's what.

Kotaku AU survey


    Maybe I'm being a little precious here, but when you ask people if they work in the games industry, theres no spot in the combo box for "Programmer" or "Developer". Instead I fall under "other". Are we that unimportant?

    Hey James,

    Nope, not being precious at all. Can't believe we missed it actually. I'll see if it's not too late to get it in. Thanks for letting us know!

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