Warbook Getting Update

Picture%2015.pngConfession: since posting about Facebook RPG Warbook the other day, I've become obsessed. I watch my gold every hour in another tab in my browser. I check if other Facebook members have attacked me. I IM friends to counter attack (OK, get revenge). My wife thinks I'm working, with all the furious clicking of my trackpad. But I'm playing all the time.

So it's exciting, to me at least, that Warbook is down with the intriguing message: "Something big is coming. - TJ." Oh TJ, don't tease us. Is anyone else out there excited? Or have I just been attacking abandoned accounts? (Actually, yeah, I have. I'm a cheap fighter.) UPDATE: They look like they're back up. All I noticed is a double listing of "recruit friends." Anyone see anything else? PS, join my alliance: The Silence.


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