Warcraft III Patch Rap Battles

This could be the beginning of a huge trend. Eagerly awaiting news of a patch for Warcraft III, official forum poster TowerPowerNerf was getting increasingly frustrated. When the Blizzard RTS Community Manager Karune posted news that there would be no WCIII patch before 2008, something inside TPN broke, and he did the only thing a man with nothing else to lose can do. He created a rap video. Not a particularly good rap video mind you, but he certainly put a lot of effort into, breaking out his best approximation of the English language to make sure his point was heard. Imagine if all heated forum posts eventually jumped from flame war directly to rap off! The internet would be a better place, especially if the company's employees started responding in kind. Karune did. Total class right there. Not only does Karune get points for matching artists with TowerPowerNerf, he gets bonus points for giving a damn good reason why the patch isn't done yet in the form of his lovely singing partner. Ladies and gentlemen...this is the future of warfare. Tom Clancy's DJ 6: Compton can't be far behind.

Karune Debuts as YouTube Rapper — Phear'em Eminem! [Blizzplanet via Evil Avatar]


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