Warhawk Booster Pack Adds Seven Player Ship, Night Map

2076420970_a5c6d5013e.jpgAs much as I love Warhawk, I've neglected it something fierce since it came out. Mostly because I haven't had the time to sit down and play it as much as I wish I could. Well that's about to change. Game dev Dylan Jobe posted details on the new Warhawk Omega Down booster pack for the game, and I can't wait to check it out.

The pack will come with a brand new (huge) night map, five updated layouts for existing maps and a new 7-player aircraft called the Kt-424 Combat Dropship. That's right, a ship that can hold seven players.

The Combat Dropship is pretty damn sweet I gotta say. During the entire Omega Dawn dev-cycle I was trying to have us deliver on the crazy notion of a "Multiplayer BOSS". Something that a team could all work together to control and that would require other players to work as a team to defeat the opposing team's "BOSS". We've had several just wicked memorable moments playing with our testers that felt like classic BOSS battles ... but in a fast-paced multiplayer game!

Sounds pretty sweet Jobe says the team is still on schedule to get the pack out this month, but doesn't make any promises.

Operation Omega Dawn [Playstation Blog]


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