Wario's New (Old) Clothes

wariocostumechange.jpgWhile all of the other members of the Smash Bros. Brawl cast can change the color of their costumes or change accessories, Wario gets his very own change of clothes, presumably once he blows a hole in his other pants. Along with the Blue Oyster Wario we've seen since the very first trailers ran, classic Wario will make an appearance, wearing his traditional suspenders and cap combo in a variety of different colors and (gag) flavors. The promised daily weekday updates continue at the Smash Bros. Dojo! Join us later this week to see if Masahiro Sakurai finally breaks down and just posts a picture of his name scribbled over and over again on a diner napkin.

Overalls Wario [Smash Bros. DOJO!]


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