Warm And Fuzzy Xbox Surprise Gift

Confession: We could sit around all day and watch videos of parents surprising their kids with gifts, in this case an Xbox 360 cleverly disguised as cobbler, while reminiscing about times gone by around the tree. There's something so endearing about how the video starts with a girl complaining "you know I can't eat" and quickly evolves to "you guys got one!" that not only seems to momentarily validate our ridiculous gaming obsession, but the entire epically inflated consumer culture that we live in.

Video: "Sly Dogs" Suprise Kids with an Xbox 360!
[360style]Thanks Christopher!


    I almost started jumping up and down and screaming when I opened up my shiny new iPod touch this Christmas, but I felt it was more dignified to get all teary and rush over to hug my grandparents instead *sniff*

    You know, no matter how happy those kids seemed I'm pretty sure I didn't actually hear one of them saying a simple "thank you" to their clearly fantastic parents (I could be wrong, I'd have to watch it again to be sure, but I don't think I can handle listening to that girl's scream again for an hour at least). I worry about our young these days.

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