Watch Halo 3 Become Fairy Dust

It's an age-old question. "Will it blend"? And as is so often the age-old answer, "you bet your arse it will". While not as spectacular as some previous attempts, I think this is my favourite, as its mesmerising how the disc looks like its turning into fairy dust as it's spinning around in that industrial-strength blender. So pretty. [thanks Jimbot!]


    :`( when he said he was going to make a halo RIP I didn't realize he meant in that way.

    ahhh good to see people putting Halo 3 to good use now CoD4 is out

    This is a senseless waste of videogame material - like smashmypsp/xbox/ps3. I don't get it.

    There are starving kids in Africa playing Commodore 64 y'know.

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