Watch Me, Some Other People On Game Head Tonight

vga_game_head.jpgTonight's episode of Game Head features, according to the show's producers, "the best cast in the Universe." A bold claim, indeed, but when that group includes Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, ESPN's Aaron Boulding, the Mega 64 gang, Gizmodo's Adam Frucci, MTV's Stephen Totilo, Michael Pachter and I am 8-Bit Founder Jon Gibson, I find it hard to disagree. Unfortunately, the list also includes me, a weighty anchor who will drag the whole production down. If my performance on the episode requires defending, as I haven't seen it, I was drunk during the taping.

The show will run on Spike TV tonight, at midnight in most markets, giving viewers a primer on Sunday's airing of the 2007 Video Game Awards. Check your local listings and all that.


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