We Don't Rely on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest

wada2.jpg Square Enix sits down with CNET Japan for a chat about the current state of the console — and Square Enix. Before, we get his take on the opinion that Square Enix only makes Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games, let's here what he has to say about the three home consoles:

The Wii is the antithesis of the Xbox 360. It's strictly for hardcore gamers. The attachment rate for the Xbox 360 is much higher than for the Wii. People who buy the 360 really like games... I think the current trend is that most people aren't buying the Wii as a game machine, but as a toy... It seems that Sony isn't sure what it wants to do. Is it making high-end electronics or a game console for gamers? I want them to clearly define their console.

Thanks for that input! What we really want to know if Wada thinks Square Enix is a two trick RGP pony. That, after the jump!

It's not that we are not investing in new franchises. It's necessary to do new games, franchises and remakes. With remakes, we're trying to expand the outlook of that world. If you look at our profits, franchises are 60 percent of our business, while new IPs are 40 percent. There's a misconception that we rely only on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, while these titles only make half of our business. It's just that people keep asking for new instalments.

Yes, that's it, blame the fans. Am I the only one who's suddenly interested in double checking Square Enix's financial statements?

Wada Interview [CNET via RPG Fan via Go Nintendo][Image]


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