Week in Games: Holiday Black Hole Edition

black%2Bhole%2Bposter.jpg Fortunately, the last few months have given us a glut of awesome titles to play over the holiday break. I say fortunately because to say that this week's list is anemic would be a huge understatement. A few titles are trickling in, but considering the season and the fact that Christmas Day lands in the middle of the week this is hardly surprising. So to the game industry I say, take a break and get ready to knock our socks off in the new year. We're looking at YOU Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

Jeopardy! Deluxe (Macintosh)
It's like having Alex Tribec in your living room.

Wheel of Fortune Deluxe (Macintosh)
Bring Vanna home for the holidays!

Well, that's it. Sorry to disappoint you... unless of course you are a Mac owner and really into game shows. In which case, I'm still sorry.


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