Week In Games, PS3s Rejoice Edition

51801piTYKL._AA280_.jpgI don't know about you, but not owning a PC, I can't wait to crack open UT3 on my PS3. While Motostorm was decent, it has more potential than any PS3 title before to cement its networked play. Here's a rundown on what else is coming out this week.

BlackSite: Area 51 (PS3) Man vs. Alien. Pick a side. Pssst. Aliens will eventually destroy man.

The Orange Box (PS3) If McWhertor doesn't mind the frame rates, neither will you. NCAA March Madness 2008 (PS2, PS3, Xbox 360) This thrills someone, we're sure.

Luxor 2 (DS) Twice the Luxor, twice the fun?

Super Swing Golf Season 2 (Wii) Go ahead, John Daly that shit. Showtime Boxing (Wii) Punching real people maye be more fun, but getting punched...not so much.

Kawasaki Quad Bikes (Wii) WTF is a quad bike?

Indy 500 Legends (Wii) We refuse to race on the Wii without car vaulting.

Mythmakers: Orbs of Doom (Wii) Over 40 puzzles to solve for puzzle-fiends.

Dai Senryaku Exceed (PS2) Military strategy, translated.

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (PS2) Fight characters from World Heroes, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Last Blade, Metal Slug and Kizuna Encounter. Warriors of the Lost Empire (PSP) Dungeon hacking on your PSP. Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC) RTS at its finest. Just don't blow up Crecente's units when he lets you play. He gets mad.


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