Weekend Note: Happy Holidays

To: Ash & Luke
From: Flynn
Subject: Hard Freeze

Happy Holiday my fine gentlemen! Holiday weekends are always an odd time to be writing, but this one seems particularly barren. I feel like one of those animals you see on the nature shows, foraging through the frozen tundra for any sort of insect or sprout that has seen fit to bust through the crust of the snow. Seeing as everything from the weekend is sitting right on the front page, it seems a bit odd to point things out, but what the heck, why fly in the face of tradition, eh?

We finally get to hear Ken Levine's VGA acceptance speech

Rockstar and the BBFC go for another round

Rock Band 360 gets holiday DLC, PS3 waits a week

I hope you guys have a great holiday, whatever and however you celebrate it. Personally I will be spending a quiet week playing games and searching for an apartment. See you next week!


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