Weekend Note: The End of (Holi)Days

To: Luke & Ash
From: Flynn
Subject: Game journalist seeks 2 BR apartment in SF

Ahoy, gents! I trust that your holidays have gone well? I have been searching for an apartment in what is probably the worst time of the year to be doing such a thing. The housing market in SF right now is bordering on insane. Each apartment has a half hour open house and is converged on by 20-30 people all desperate for a place to reside. The landlords have become extremely anal and the pile of stuff you have to bring with you (proof of income, proof of employment, credit report, references and in some cases info on your bank account) is staggering. What's next? A blood test? My first born? (well, THAT one's not going to happen for obvious reasons) But, I have faith that something will break and I will find myself ensconced in a place in the next few weeks.

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And now, I bid you adieu. I am off to look at some more ridiculously overpriced crackerbox apartments. Hope you have a great New Years and I'll see you in 2008! Sayanora, schweethearts!


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