Weekend Note: There's No Place Like Home

To: Luke From: Flynn Subject: Charity of the Season

Ahoy! How have you been my fine sir? I am finally relocated to San Francisco and have all my belongings in a storage unit. I might not be completely settled yet, but being back in the city where I lived out the better portion of my adult life is a great feeling.

The road trip was astounding. Saw some amazing things: Graceland, Vegas, roadside attractions and even the Liberace Museum. The Spike VGAs were interesting and seeing some of the people I know from various conferences and such was a nice familiarity in the middle of six days on the road.

Some things you might have missed this weekend:

I met a waitress on my journey whose story greatly affected me and everyone else as well.

This T-shirt on Threadless is awesome. Please vote for it so I can buy it!

This insane auction on eBay got removed a second time.

The first link I posted regarding the waitress and my attempts to find her and her son a Wii for Christmas got an amazing response. I end my first weekend back here amazed at the generosity and kindness of our readers and it's a great feeling.

And now I take my leave of you to attend a holiday party happening here at my friend's place. Have a great week. Goodnight!


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