Welcome New Gamers


It's the day after Christmas and, for many, a time to check out new gaming rigs.I suspect this may have been the year for many of those reluctant gamers to make the switch from old gen to current gen hardware, or for parents to take the plunge into the world of console gaming for the first time.

I know at least one of my neighbors were suspecting a Wii for Christmas and another a 360. I introduced my dad to the Wii last night and after spending a bit of time playing Carnival, Jenga, and Excite Truck I showed him how you could check news, browse the internet and get weather updates. Now he's talking about getting a Wii, or a next-gen console, when he retires in a few months.

I, of course, didn't get any new gaming hardware, because I've already got all of the systems, but my son received one of the newer iPods with a copy of Sonic installed on it. So even he get a chance to check out a new gaming platform. What about you, are you new to a gaming system today or did anyone in your family receive a new console this holiday?


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